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Tooling Manager

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Orlando, FL
$90,000 - $130,000
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Direct Hire
Aug 15, 2017
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Tooling Manager – Injection Molding
A local Injection Molding operation is seeking to hire an experienced Supervisor or Manager to lead their Tool Room and related functions. The plant is running well and the company is extremely successful and growing. As part of a commitment to Continuous Improvement, we would like to hire an experienced Mold Maker, Tooling Manager, Process Tech, or similar person who can help train, lead, and manage our Tool Room and skilled labor team members.  
In this position, your primary purpose is to Manage and Supervise the creation, maintenance, and repair of high-tech Injection Molds and related tooling.  Desired qualifications could include, but is not limited to, training on basic Mold Setting procedures including Single Minute Exchange of Dies (SMED), Mold Repair, Preventative Maintenance of Molds, Mold Scheduling, Mold Troubleshooting, and basic Tool Shop operation of manual and automated machining tools.
For the right person, this could be an opportunity to join a great company with a reputation of being one of the best places to work in the area. This company has extremely low turnover and great benefits, and the role is open because of a retirement.
Tooling Manager Responsibilities
  • Supervise, Train, and Assist Mold Techs and Mold Makers in the repair, building, and preventative maintenance of high tech Injection Molds   
  • Supervise the monitoring and troubleshooting all process parameters and quality issues, especially as pertaining to the Molds themselves.
  • Train Mold Technicians in the Troubleshooting of Molds for Quality Assurance issues – i.e. be able to spot a flow in a part and connect that to a flaw in the mold.
  • Supervise Mold Preventative Maintenance program, including data collection, mold scheduling, mold rework and repair.
  • Work with Tooling, Production, and Engineering on Mold Design, Runoffs, Prototyping, and other Tooling Projects.
  • Work with Maintenance as needed on Preventative / Predictive Maintenance projects.
Tooling Manager Requirements
  • Tooling Manager ideally will possess a Journeyman Moldmaker, Journeyman Tool Maker, or equivalent certification or experience
  • Tooling Manager must possess a strong background in Injection Mold tooling. Experience with Hot Runners, Automation, Multi Cavity Molds, Stack Molds, Tandem Molds, Insert Molding, etc all extremely relevant for this role.
  • Tooling Manager should have at least 2 years of experience setting up, processing, and troubleshooting the injection molding process, tooling, setting molds, and Preventative Maintenance on Injection Molding Tooling and Molds.
  • Tooling Manager should be proficient in SMED or other procedures to increase productivity and decrease downtime, especially as pertaining to Tooling and Molds.
Applicants Must Be US Citizen Or Permanent Resident.  No sponsorship provided.