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Plant Operations Manager

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Louisville, KY
$90,000 - $120,000
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Direct Hire
Jun 01, 2017
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Plant Operations Manager, Sheet Extrusion
Why is this a GREAT opportunity?
  • This is a small plastics manufacturing operation with a lot of visibility for promotion.
  • As the Plant Operations Manager, you will be responsible for all aspects of this plant.  You will be the highest ranking manager on site.  This will be like “your” operation, and you will have total authority for this 4-shift operation’s P&L.
  • Incredible Career path leading to Director of Operations in the future for someone who performs well.
  • Solid financials.   This company doesn’t downsize for every small hiccup in the economy.
  • Company is aggressively growing.
  • Team building type of atmosphere as opposed to dictatorship.  It’s a lot more fun to work in a team environment – and more fun to build teams as opposed to beat people down.
  • Outstanding benefits and incentives. 
  • Relocation assistance package. 
POSITION SUMMARY:  We are seeking A TEAM-BASED, people-oriented Plant Operations Manager with proven experience managing a world-class manufacturing environment.  You will have P&L responsibilities for your plant.   You will lead operations as a coach, mentoring your team to drive continuous improvement in the plants as you take them to new levels of productivity.?  We are not looking for dictatorial “Top-Down” managers looking for a “I say, you do” type of responsibility.  We are looking for true professional managers who can garner a team consensus, ensure crystal-clear accountability, then eliminate all the roadblocks to assure the success for each member on the team.   
Responsibilities for Plant Manager of Operations
  • First and foremost, the Plant Manager will lead by example, furthering a Team-Based management philosophy and mentoring the staff so that they develop fully, and they perpetuate the team and people-based management style to each operation; while ensuring clear accountability in the plant.
  • In consensus with his team, the Plant Manager will ensure that metrics (measurement goals) for all critical areas (productivity, scrap, improvement, profits, output, etc.) are established, and will then work closely to ensure each member of the team is accountable to achieve or exceed these goals.
  • The Plant Manager will assume responsibility for safety, productivity, staffing, utilization, scrap and any other key areas.
  • In conjunction with company Executives and key managers, establish budgets and strategic plans to accomplish corporate objectives.
  • Drive a culture of plant safety as paramount in importance.
  • Ensure that your teams understand that continuous improvement is a way of life in the operations and that constantly improving metrics in key areas is expected as part of the plant culture.
  • Drive all operations to meet or exceed “the plan” (budget).
Qualifications for Plant Manager of Operations
    • Team based while establishing clear accountability.
    • Very hands on and like to work where the problems are.
    • You always take the time to talk to a team member when they have a need or want to talk.
    • Fair, Firm, and Consistent.
    • You are a real people person who cares deeply about his team members and who manages by participating and who thrives on those below them succeeding.
    • A true coach and team builder; someone who fosters consensus, and manages by eliminating all obstacles to team success.
    • Someone that makes sure that each member finds success and the job satisfaction that comes with it.
    • You have to have a “fire in the belly”, are highly competitive, and refuse to fail…..BUT, you know it takes a team to succeed and all credit is given to them.You think of WE not I and you perpetuate this through every level of the organization.We are looking for pull, not push.
  • BS or BA degree in Engineering, Management or other related area preferred.
  • 4 years of Sheet extrusion (or closely related plastics manufacturing) experience.
  • 5+? years of progressively challenging positions in professional management.
  • 5+ years of experience with formal continuous improvement programs such as Lean &/or 6--Sigma methodologies, with the ability to implement these methodologies into your operations as part of the daily culture.